7-Course Puzzle Book Creation Bundle + Bonus Activity Puzzle Book Course

Discover the 7-Course Puzzle Book Bundle


Bonus Activity Puzzle Book Course!


Bonus Course


7-Course Bundle + Bonus Activity Puzzle Book Course!

1. Worduko Puzzle Books

2. Crossword Puzzle Books

3. Cryptogram Puzzle Books

4. Word Fill Puzzle Books

5. Word Match Puzzle Books

6. Word Scramble Puzzle Books

7. Word Search Puzzle Books

8. Activity Puzzle Books (Bonus Course)

What Is It?

Unlock the secrets of creating diverse and engaging puzzle books with our comprehensive 7-Course Bundle + Bonus Activity Book Course! Whether you're a beginner looking to start your journey in puzzle book creation or an experienced creator aiming to expand your repertoire, this bundle offers everything you need to succeed in the exciting world of puzzles.

7-Course Bundle + Bonus Activity Puzzle Book Course!

Learn how AI enhances book creation and boosts your self-publishing business,

Saving Time and Money!

Creating Puzzle Books with the help of AI

What is In the 7-Course Puzzle Book Creation Bundle

+ Bonus Activity Puzzle Book Course?

Why Choose This Bundle?

This bundle provides a step-by-step approach to puzzle book creation across various popular formats.

Each course in this bundle is a practical guide, equipping you with the knowledge to grasp the core concepts, create captivating content, and confidently publish your own puzzle books.

By the end of these courses, you will have the skills to create high-quality, sellable puzzle books that

captivate puzzle lovers everywhere.

Start your puzzle book creation journey today and tap into a growing market with our expertly designed

7-Course Puzzle Book Creation Bundle + Bonus Activity Puzzle Book Course!


Worduko Puzzle Books:

Dive into the world of Worduko, where Sudoku meets word puzzles. Learn how to craft these captivating puzzles that blend logic and wordplay for a unique challenge.


Crossword Puzzle Books:

Master the art of traditional crossword puzzle creation. This course covers everything from basic rules to more complex grid designs and themes that appeal to a broad audience.


Cryptogram Puzzle Books:

Unravel the process of developing cryptograms, where players decode hidden messages. This course teaches you how to create engaging cryptographic challenges that puzzle enthusiasts will love.


Word Fill Puzzle Books:

Discover how to make word fill puzzles, an enjoyable variation where users fit the given words into a grid. Perfect for all ages, these puzzles help improve vocabulary and critical thinking skills.


Word Match Puzzle Books:

Learn to design word match puzzles that challenge readers to connect related words or phrases. These puzzles are great for educational purposes or just for fun.


Word Scramble Puzzle Books:

Explore techniques for creating word scramble puzzles, where words are jumbled, and players must sort them into their correct forms. These puzzles are fantastic for brain training and improving spelling skills.


Word Search Puzzle Books:

Get insights into crafting word search puzzles, a beloved classic enjoyed by people of all ages. Learn how to theme your puzzles and organize your grids to maximize engagement and fun.


Activity Puzzle Books:

Discover the craft of creating activity puzzle books with varied puzzles, such as crosswords and wordoku, designed for all ages and skill levels. Learn to theme, organize, and design content to maximize fun and engagement.


7 Puzzle Book Course Bundle:

1. Worduko Puzzle Books

2. Crossword Puzzle Books

3. Cryptogram Puzzle Books

4. Word Fill Puzzle Books

5. Word Match Puzzle Books

6. Word Scramble Puzzle Books

7. Word Search Puzzle Books





+ Bonus Course:

Activity Puzzle Books

AI is not just a tool but a transformative force in

the world of self-publishing!

Puzzle Profits: Earnings Overview for All Book Categories!

Below is a snapshot of potential earnings for each puzzle book category from Publisher Rocket.

Course Features:

Immediate Access

Immediate access to video lessons.

Providing the users with the flexibility to learn at their own pace.

Access to Resources

Prompt Booklet (PDF) & a guide (PDF) to learn how to set up your A Book Creator account.


Community inside the course + Private Facebook group for peer discussion and collaboration.

A Book Creator

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AI-Enhanced Self-Publishing:

Mastering Word Search Puzzle Creation Course!

Jump into the thrilling world of puzzle book publishing with our in-depth online course, "AI-Enhanced Self-Publishing: Mastering Puzzle Book Creation." This course is tailored for both newcomers and seasoned self-publishers looking to broaden their range with popular puzzle books. The curriculum will lead you through each phase of designing compelling and challenging puzzles using AI tools, from the initial idea to the publication process on platforms such as Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP).

What You Will Learn

Video 1

Introduction to Video:

We'll introduce you to creating puzzle books with the help of AI.

Incorporating AI into puzzle book creation optimizes production and opens up new opportunities.

In return, making you more money!

Video 2

How to determine the subject and theme for your puzzle book:

We'll show you how to use AI to pick a subject for your book and get themes for each puzzle.

Plus, how to generate prompts and how to use them.

Video 3

How to Create Inputs for Your Puzzle Book Video:

We'll show you how to use AI to get the inputs you need to create puzzles.

*Input" refers to any data or information provided to a system, which the system then processes to produce an output.

Video 4

How to Generate the Puzzle Books Video:

We'll show you how to take the inputs you generated in the last video and turn them into a puzzle book.

The outcome of the Course:

By the end of this course, participants will be equipped with the knowledge and skills to design, create, and publish puzzle books, using AI to streamline the process and enhance creativity.

Graduates will be prepared to launch their own puzzle book series, attract and grow their audience, and generate revenue in this exciting and creative niche of self-publishing.

This course is designed to show you how AI is not just a tool but a transformative force in

the world of self-publishing!

Who Should Enroll:

  • Aspiring and current self-publishers looking to diversify their product offerings.
  • Content creators and entrepreneurs interested in tapping into the niche market of puzzle books.
  • Educators and trainers seeking to incorporate fun, educational content into their material

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